Hangzhou F·RST™


Country: China

Products: EVA Film, Backsheet

Hangzhou F·RST™ is one of the largest EVA manufacturers that supplies to the most renowned module makers in the world, with a daily productivity of more than 80,000m2.  Hangzhou F·RST™ EVA has over 280 employees consisting of more than 50 research engineers and technicians whose focus is on continuous improvement on its products. With extensive R&D and strict management under ISO9000, they have attained many TUV certifications on modules that use their EVA film.  
F·RST™ backsheet is a multi-layered film designed to be used as a backing sheet for Photovoltaic modules. It is made by Hangzhou First PV Materials Co., Ltd. under strict management ISO9001 systems. It acts as a durable protective barrier for panel shaped cells that undergo heat and vacuum lamination. The backsheet has excellent damp heat resistance properties, aging character, dielectric strength and its construction provides very high bond strength to most EVA films.