Nanya New Material Technology Co. Ltd


Country: China

Products: Conventional FR4, Lead-Free compatible FR4, Halogen Free FR4, High Speed / Low Loss FR4, CEM3 laminate, High Thermal Conductive CEM3, Mass Lamination Services

Established in Yr2000, Nanya NMT currently has over 800 employees and 3 manufacturing factories with achievements of UL, OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 certifications . As a quality Chinese copper clad laminate maker, Nanya NMT is devoted in the industry as a professional base material provider focusing on quality products through continuous improvement and research. Meeting customer product requirement at reasonable prices by optimizing environment and sustainable production. Its continuous R&D brings with It a frontier of halogen free and high performance material suitable for lead free process and high speed / low loss products among world class producers.